Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project: Embroidery paper

Paper. That you sew. Am I the only person who thinks that's super cool? Okay, maybe I am. I first ran across this idea in Hobby Lobby, I think. They sell several empty containers which are perfect for personalizing. I wanted to try the embroidery paper for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge with my cousin's baptism. I love how it turned out! Cute and functional...she's sent along good reports as well.
If you have an embroidery machine, you can do this too! Buy something to personalize- I know Hobby Lobby has several items such as coffee cups, kids cups & snack containers. Then buy some embroidery paper- I found mine at JoAnn's and bought every style because it was on clearance. Lastly, run it through your embroidery machine just like an outfit or bag. That easy!

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