Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Superhero wreath

So, it's been forever since I've blogged on here. Well, shortly after my last post we had our third child, put our house on the market, sold it, bought a new one, moved out of state and celebrated the holidays. Oh and all the packing and unpacking. Needless to say, I haven't had much time to craft! Until my son's 5th birthday party...superheros. I didn't add any superheros to the wreath, but it went with the color scheme at our party.

I found my inspiration here. A cupcake liner wreath is a really inexpensive option- I bought four packs of red/yellow/blue liners and only used two, plus one pack of mini foil liners and barely made a dent. Here's how I did it:

I bought a wreath from Hobby Lobby and kept the packaging on to prevent a mess. You could also use a foam wreath form. Since I wasn't planning a cowboy or farm party, I covered the wreath with white crepe paper. Attach tape to the back, wrap the paper as tight as you like and add another piece of tape at the end.
Next, I opened the cupcake liners, stuck a pin through the middle and wrapped the liner around the pin (I used sewing pins because I have plenty on hand). Tip: after doing this a few times, I realized the white part of the liner was more prominent on the wreath. So, stick your pin from the outside in, opposite of the picture shown below (forgot to take another pic, sorry). At first you'll think, this can't be right, but once you get them on the wreath and fluff a little, you'll see the colorful side of the liner pops.
It will start to look like this:
You can even let your kids help. My little superhero had a lot of fun helping, especially since the wreath was for his birthday party! Leave space to add your ribbon for hanging. 
Here's the finished product. After adding all the blue, red & yellow liners, I filled in gaps with mini foil liners, I really liked this addition, gave it some pop I think. I didn't take pictures when we worked on the 'W' and '5'. Little man helped with these too. I simply drew a W and 5 on pieces of cardboard, cut them out, painted them with acrylic paint and covered with glitter. I had all these supplies on hand. 
This was a fun, inexpensive project and party decor! It's definitely re-usable and is currently hanging on my son's bedroom door...we're in the process of making it a superhero room, so it fits nicely.