Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cute & Quick!

My MIL bought me a cube storage unit for my birthday and I made a few decorative items to adorn the top. I've decided to share them with you! They're both super quick, easy and in my opinion, cute!

I started with subway art. I wanted a home/family theme and got to work on my computer. You could easily do the same thing with your family names, address and maybe a special time or meaningful place. Just make it specific for your home & family, makes it extra special :)
 Then I painted the $1 frame I purchased from Michael's (or Walmart, can't remember which), grabbed a sheet of paper from my personal stash, cut to size and modge-podged it on! So easy. Cut out the subway art, set in the frame and you're finished! I love the damask design and  anything close to it and I wanted black & white for my decor, but you could use any color combo!
Next, I embellished a simple candle with scrapbook rub-on quotes. This is so easy your head might spin! Buy a candle- I got mine at the dollar store because I only plan to use it for decor, not scenting the house- then buy a sheet of scrapbook rub-on quotes (unless you keep some on hand like me, then just pick a phrase you like). Lastly, cut out the quote, tape it to the candle, rub and done! So simple and super cute! Go make one of your own, or several, you'll love it. :) And they can go anywhere in your house.
Here's what my cube looks like with my new crafts:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kitchen wall update

I've wanted a vinyl quote on the wall above our kitchen pantry for awhile now. Once my hubby bought Cricut software for my birthday, I was more comfortable pulling this off. Adding vinyl to a jar or door is one thing, but with a space this large I wanted a visual before going forward. Vinyl is not something I want to waste with a mistake. So I set everything up, printed it out, added to my wall and really like the end product. It gives some flair to that wall without being too much.

I wanted the "Glory of God" part of the verse to be special, so I fancied it up a bit. All from the same font cartridge, just print vs. script. My husband and my mom both commented that the eat or drink bunched together throws you off a little, but I didn't want it to just look like a regular 'ol sentence. I wanted certain parts to stand out. Anyway, hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tips for using scrapbook rub-ons

Do you like to use rub-ons? I do! They're one of my favorite ways to dress up a scrapbook page in terms of writing/lettering (I don't care for my penmanship). Here's the problem. At least half the time I use them, I manage to rub some other part of a letter onto my page. And I'm very careful, but those little guys still sometimes manage to stick to the page and rub just slightly. This, of course, messes up a letter- or several- that you'll need at some point, plus makes the page look a little messy. Not a fan of this. SO I figured out a better way! Cut, then rub. Maybe you figured this out years ago or maybe you do just fine with the big sheet. But I figured there must be one person out there who could benefit from this information.

I like to use small scissors for this. Carefully
cut out the letters you need
 Place them on your scrapbook page (or where ever
you're using them) and rub. That's it!
Ah, no mess and all the letters are in tact. I also like that this way gives me an opportunity to see the letter placement before applying them. And lastly, I have no idea why the 'y' is ginormous. It's the lowercase y, I checked several times, ha! Hope this little tip helps!