Sunday, May 13, 2012

A birthday tribute

A year ago my cousin had her first baby boy- the sweetest, smiley-est baby boy you've ever met- Logan Patrick. He brought them so much joy and completed their family. About 4.5 months ago he passed away unexpectedly. He would've turned one today and a couple weeks from now we would've celebrated his birthday with a super fun monkey party. Last Thanksgiving my cousin and I started talking about plans for his party- I was going to craft the decorations and help with the planning. Today is a sad day, particularly for his family. And I know that nothing I can say or do can take away the pain, all I or anyone of us can do is pray for this sweet family, particularly my cousin, his mom. On mother's day. So in honor of Logan's 1st birthday and in celebration of the life he did live and the joy he bestowed upon us who knew him, I've made a few things. Tributes to this very special day.
cupcake toppers

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