Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tips for using scrapbook rub-ons

Do you like to use rub-ons? I do! They're one of my favorite ways to dress up a scrapbook page in terms of writing/lettering (I don't care for my penmanship). Here's the problem. At least half the time I use them, I manage to rub some other part of a letter onto my page. And I'm very careful, but those little guys still sometimes manage to stick to the page and rub just slightly. This, of course, messes up a letter- or several- that you'll need at some point, plus makes the page look a little messy. Not a fan of this. SO I figured out a better way! Cut, then rub. Maybe you figured this out years ago or maybe you do just fine with the big sheet. But I figured there must be one person out there who could benefit from this information.

I like to use small scissors for this. Carefully
cut out the letters you need
 Place them on your scrapbook page (or where ever
you're using them) and rub. That's it!
Ah, no mess and all the letters are in tact. I also like that this way gives me an opportunity to see the letter placement before applying them. And lastly, I have no idea why the 'y' is ginormous. It's the lowercase y, I checked several times, ha! Hope this little tip helps!

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